Administrative & Functional Areas

Administrative & Functional Areas are important to the overall design of every educational facility. These areas support the goals of learning; they must be

comprehensive in their thought process as they add texture and variety to the design of the school.


School Offices = Calm & Secure

  • Colors should reflect a comfortable, protected and balanced approach
  • Consider mid-tone and dark neutrals w/magenta, rose, coral, soft gold, light green, turquoise & blue
  • No bright colors of red, orange or yellow
  • This area is the center of the organizational structure and must encourage care & interaction
  • Glass supports open views and an ‘eye on the street’ perspective
  • Design should support security, supervision & safety

Counseling = Harmony

  • Specify colors that convey a feeling of warmth and confidence. Quiet in nature and comfortable
  • Consider coral, soft yellow, gentle green, grayed blue-green, lavender and cocoa brown
  • No bright red, no bright yellow
  • Provide traditional desk & chair, round table and alternate chairs for a variety of seating options
  • Carpeted floors increase soundproofing, decrease noisy distractions and add warmth [Gysbers and Henderson/1994 & Hawkins and Lilley/1998]

Clinic = Clean

  • Specify colors that are clean and uplifting
  • Consider white, pink, light yellow, green & sky blue
  • Use more than one color to create a sense of balance and interest
  • Add artwork of ‘nature-related’ themes for their soothing qualities – [Irving Biederman, Professor/ University of Southern California, researched vistas, sunsets & groves to be most relaxing and preferred subjects.]

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Restrooms = Cleanliness & Comfort

  • Specify colors that are light, clean & refreshing
  • Accents may be bold and contrasting
  • Install automated devices such as auto-flush toilets, motion sensitive sinks, soap dispensers & hand-dryers for the sleek design, improved health and environmental benefits
  • Consider upbeat messaging on mirrors to instill school spirit, uplifting phrases and reminders of events for a colorful accent
  • Invite students to participate in creative painting/accenting of these areas
  • Incorporate as much light as possible